Hey All! I wanted to share a question that I get asked a lot.  “What Crochet Hooks do I use?”  Well I use many of them Boye Brand was what I started out with many years ago along with Susan Bates. But I have found a New Brand “Clover”.  I was looking for something with a little more comfort as I do crochet A LOT!  I tried Clover Soft Touch it was comfy BUT I fell in LOVE with Clover “Amour” – These are my all time FAVORITE Hooks!  If you watch my videos I use them ALL the time! I love the soft grip and I do crochet much longer with them. I have one more set to collect but I’ve got just about ALL of them!  Below I’m adding the ones that I do have (Amazon Affiliate)

If you are looking for something new and crochet a lot TRY them – I tried the “J” Hook first then ordered my set!   You won’t be disappointed!  I’ve got more goodies to share with you all a little later as things have slowed down here. I plan on Blogging more and doing more videos in 2018!

As always thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!
Yvonne Metz