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Exciting Announcements

Well here it is Sunday March 3rd, 2018 where did February go? WOW there was alot going on for me last month that’s for sure. Things are finally slowing down and so I’ve got a few things that have been going on that I’d like to share with you all! 1st my friend Diana and I  have created another Facebook Group – I’m super excited to announce our New Group called “Amigurumi  Dolls Worldwide”  I’ve been wanting to do a Doll Group for awhile now and I thought it was only fair to drag her along with me since she dragged me to the Crochet Messy Bun  Group! LOL!

Anyway – in this Group we’ll be sharing FREE Doll Patterns, Tips on Doll Making and we’ll be doing a few “Crochet Doll A Longs” (CDAL) I’m super excited about this!  If you’ve been wanting to learn Doll Making OR are a Doll Maker and enjoy making them, then come an join our Group!  Our 1st CDAL will be on March 15th – I’ll be making the videos also for those that are visual learners.

Here is what we’ll be making first!  YES….the Mermaid Doll – she is my own pattern and I am absolutely in LOVE with her!  So click on the link above to join in.

If you don’t have Facebook and would like to do the CDAL also come back on March 15th that’s when the pattern will be posted as that’s when it starts!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!
Yvonne Metz


What Hooks do I use?

Hey All! I wanted to share a question that I get asked a lot.  “What Crochet Hooks do I use?”  Well I use many of them Boye Brand was what I started out with many years ago along with Susan Bates. But I have found a New Brand “Clover”.  I was looking for something with a little more comfort as I do crochet A LOT!  I tried Clover Soft Touch it was comfy BUT I fell in LOVE with Clover “Amour” – These are my all time FAVORITE Hooks!  If you watch my videos I use them ALL the time! I love the soft grip and I do crochet much longer with them. I have one more set to collect but I’ve got just about ALL of them!  Below I’m adding the ones that I do have (Amazon Affiliate)

If you are looking for something new and crochet a lot TRY them – I tried the “J” Hook first then ordered my set!   You won’t be disappointed!  I’ve got more goodies to share with you all a little later as things have slowed down here. I plan on Blogging more and doing more videos in 2018!

As always thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!
Yvonne Metz

Just sharing a little something

So just a little Sneak Peek of what I was working on yesterday…..I’ll share more later promise! Of course if you follow my Facebook page then you’ve already seen them! LOL!   I saw this pattern from another “Crocheter” Blogger that I’ve been following since forever. I want to say it started with her cute Owl Hat Pattern. Sarah Zimmerman at Repeat Crafter Me shared this super adorable Bear and I just had to make one.  If you are a fellow crochet check out her Blog for the pattern. It works up super FAST and EASY!  She’s got some awesome patterns on her Blog and they are absolutely awesome!  I’ll post the finished project tomorrow morning.  Until then thanks for stopping by!
Happy Craftin’
Yvonne Metz

Something new in my Etsy Shop

Just when you thought it was save to get back in the water! LOL!  I’ve been wanting to make one of these Shark Blankets in like forever! I mean I’ve got the Mermaids down….now it’s time for the Sharks. Love how this came out and it is now in my Etsy Shop. In time for any Shark Lover. With Christmas around the corner and all!  Click HERE to get to the listing.  Click the photo for a larger image.  I’ve got more to share so check back soon!  Thanks for stopping by and as always….

Happy Craftin’,
Yvonne Metz
Vista, Ca.

What’s been happening you ask?

A whole heck of alot! Wow it’s been extremely busy here in my house with Crocheting and Stampin’ and now Baseball – OH and Yes Back to school! LOL!  But it’s ALL be absolutely Awesome!  My last post “Life Happens” I told you about the Store in San Clemente (Outlet Mall) well it’s been going awesome!  I’m going to share with you a few of the things that have in the store!  Here are some of my goodies!  I’ve got more items, hats, Mermaid  Blankets….maybe even a Shark Blanket – Which I just finished! Will share soon! Thanks for stopping by and if you are in the San Clemente area head over to the Gift  Boutique &  Home Decor store next to Levi’s – There are some AMAZING Vendors and nice Handcrafted items! If you are looking for that Unique gift – you’re bound to find something there!

Have a great day!
Yvonne Metz

Life Happens

I know long time no post….so much has happened since I last posted!  From my son’s baseball, end of school stuff and work? OH and can we add surgery in that mix! Yes LOTS going on! BUT have to say lots of great things happening too! So I’m posting the news!

So in San Clemente, Ca. they have an Outlet Mall which I’ve seen since they started building it! My friend’s friend opened a Consignment Store there! Yes I’ve got some items in there and there are LOTS of great Vendors too! Opening weekend was July 15th and it was just awesome! Such talent from these local vendors and the store is “Gift Boutique & Home Decor”.  There are some paintings that I’ll get photos of as they are absolutely STUNNING!!  If you are in the area you’ve got to stop by and check it out! After all it is Christmas in July!

So as you can see this is another thing that has been keeping me busy! I did get a Custom Order for a Blanket which I’m almost done with. Had to give my hand a rest!  I’ll share that when I’m done with it!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Craftin – Yvonne Metz

Happy New Year All!

I know it’s been way to long since I posted! I totally just have had to  put this on the back burner!

I also have to apologize for those looking for the 18″ Doll Mermaid Pattern and couldn’t get it to download your messages went straight to SPAM and I never was notified of your posts! I would of responded sooner had I known!  Now I think it’s been fixed! If not please let me know I was able to open it.

So wanted to share FIRST – what I had been working on towards the end of 2016! These Chunky Beanies and Slouchy Beanies – Got this great pattern from “Alexis Middleton” on YouTube.  She’s got a great “Cat Hat” video also which I’ll share those pics later too!  I’ve also been making the ever POPULAR “Messy Bun” or “Mom Bun” Beanies – that will be my next post!

I have already added these hats that are pictured to my Etsy shop which you’ll find in the right hand corner.

Thanks for stopping by and I plan to be blogging ALOT more this year as I’ve got LOTS to share with you all!
Happy Craftin’,
Yvonne Metz
Vista, Ca.


50% off Popular Crafty Classes

CupcakeIf you haven’t tried a Craftsy On-Line Class you should and with 50% off it’s the perfect time! They are pretty Awesome whether you want to learn to Crochet, try Cake Decorating or even a Sewing a Class….Now’s the time to try it! The most Popular classes are 50% off until May 21st, 2016.  CLICK HERE to take you to the Website!

I have to say that when I started to want to learn how to do Amigurumi I took a class from Stacey Trock. It’s an Awesome class and what I like about them is that you have access for LIFE! You can ask questions and they’ll be answered!  The community is awesome too!  The BEST thing I LOVE about it??? You can watch whenever you want to!

As you’ve seen from some of my other posts I have started sewing – one of my classes that was in my Wish List is 50% off and YES I’m taking it! Can’t wait! I’ll show you the projects I make very soon!

As always thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

Yvonne Metz
Vista, Ca.

**This post contains an Ad Link with Craftsy**

Happy 2016 Crafters!

Hello all and Happy 2016 – I have to say the last month of December was a blur for me!  I literally was bombarded with Mermaid Tail Orders ALL month LONG! OH and a craft fair at the beginning of the month too!  BUT I was able to get ALL my orders done!
Here are the 1st two that sold! These are Child Sizes in Lavender Blue & Ocean Tide!

Lavendar Ocean Tide 1
I’ll share more a little later along with a Doll version I created using the same pattern. Which is from MJ’s Off the Hook Designs. It’s an AWESOME pattern which can be found on Also quick and FAST to make up.  Which is always nice! Well need to get my Xmas decorations put away so I’ll have the rest of the day to play!  Thanks for stopping by and come back a little later as I’ll be sharing more goodies and the Best Christmas Gift I got!

Happy Craftin’,
Yvonne Metz

Back to School

Hey t2015-08-02 14.59.25here Crafters!  I know I’ve been away from blogging but it couldn’t be helped! It’s been all about spending some “Fun in Sun” time at the beach with my Son, Family vacations and all that kind of good stuff before school is back on! Which here for us it’s tomorrow!

My son will be a Middle Schooler! Yikes time sure flies!
For our family vacation this year we went to Hawaii and stayed at the “Disney Resort – Aulani” on the Island of Oahu! So much FUN!  This Picture above was the view from our room!
Talk about breath taking???  Smelling the beach air, hearing the waves, smelling the great food! Awesome!  We could see & hear everything from our room!

So2015-08-04 08.09.38 the next morning waking up and hearing all kinds of FUN stuff going on.
We open our door to this!!!

The had Character Breakfasts going on down-stairs!  HOW FUN!

Anyway, just had to share that real quick.

I’ll be back to share a project I made that was on my “To Hook List’ for awhile but just hadn’t had the time to start it.

Thanks for stopping by and as always…..

Happy Crafting!!
Yvonne Metz







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