I’m baaackk…..Told you I’d be back sharing my latest creation!

Dodger Girl 1I was inspired to make my Doll by many Doll Makers but I have to say the 1st doll that inspired me was from a gal named Aniqua Wilkerson from “My Kinda Thing” on Facebook then I saw another doll from Dee Dee from “Off D’Hook Creations” also on Facebook they both were such an inspiration to me as I hadn’t done Amigurumi in years and seeing their creations got that creativity flowing and I pulled out a Bunny I had sitting around for awhile which you can see HERE!

Anyway seeing their Beautiful Dolls inspires this one!  I have to say I’m “Extremely Proud” of myself! I’ve been waiting to bring this girl to life for some time now! Before I introduce you I’ve got to say this – Besides the Shoes (The Crochet Crowd) & the Flower in her hair – I made her up as I went along!

Dodger Girl

Dodger Girl Back

I am so Happy for you to Meet Yvette Monique -As you can see she’s a Baseball Girl! As you can also see she’s a Huge Dodger Fan and Loves #22 Kershaw! Her brother is a Pitcher and also Loves #22! She’s super pumped and ready for her next game! She stands at approx. 19 inches tall! She plays softball herself and if you ask her she’s got a great arm and runs like the wind! LOL!  Speaking of running like the wind I need to get running to get my son for his next Track Meet soon!  As always thanks for stopping by and who know maybe you’ll get to meet her brother and some of her friends and YES they are ALL Dodger Fans!!  Feel free to share this post!

Happy Crafting,
Yvonne Metz
Vista, Ca.


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  1. I love your post!!! This is my first time seeing them. I am new to the crochet world and can sort of read the patterns when there is a video to follow, but where would i find a pattern or video on making dolls?? Also how do i get on the list to receive this blog???

    • Hi Niki, Thank you so much! So sorry for the delay in answering you. As I mentioned in a few other comments, my notifications when someone leaves a comment isn’t working. I’ll have to see what’s happening. If you search YouTube you can find some videos there. Many times they’ll have a link to a pattern to follow also. A list for this blog? You mean like a Newsletter or are you talking that notifies you when I post?


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