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Good Morning All!

So as promised here is my finished Roller Skating Bunny!  Seriously??? Is he not the cutest!!  Styling with Roller Skates and Oh Yeah he’s Rockin’ out with his Walk-Man!  Talk about Old school!

He will be going in my Etsy store very soon!  Hope you enjoy your Sunday! I’ve got a meeting with some of my Down-Line gals from Stampin’ Up! and then my Son’s end of the year baseball party!  Full day ahead! Oh and did I mention that he mad the Boys 10U All Star Team?  So we are having a Pre-game Tournament which starts tonight at 7:00 pm.  Oh yeah “It’s ALL about the BASE” here in my house!

What will be next??? Ok, if I am being honest I’ve got 2 more “WIP’s” in the making. Will share as soon as I get a chance!

Thanks for stopping by and as always…

Happy Crafting!
Yvonne Metz

2 comments on “Crocheted Amigurumi Roller Skating Bunny”

  1. Can you tell me what pattern book this is from? My husband used to have the same book many years ago and it was lost and he has tried and tried to find it again. Thanks!

    • Hi Shandy, Yes it’s called Crocheted “Sugar Bunnies” from Annies Attic – you might be able to get a good deal on Ebay.
      Hope you find it! They are awesome to make! Yvonne

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